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CT-9 Compact Canister Allergy Vacuum with Hospital Grade HEPA filter and HEPA exhaust cartridge
Ultra-compact rotational molded vacuum designed for the safe filtered pickup and containment and removal of containment of fine dust particles wherever air and dust pollutants exist.
Our Price:$460.00
Retail Price: $575.00


DA1512 - Mastercraft DA Series - Drum Adapter Vacuum fits 55 Gallon Drum (320064 DA1512)
Mastercraft DA Series - Drum Adapter Vacuum converts a 55 gallon drum into a king size vacuum for dry or wet/dry applications.
Our Price:$528.00
Retail Price: $660.00


Drum Dolly, Red, Transports up to 55 gallon drums (320579)
Drum Dolly for transport of 55 Gallon Drums and Drum Vacuum
Our Price:$356.00
Retail Price: $445.00


Dynavac 812D Compact Dry Concrete Vacuum with Dust Shaker System (459852)
Dynavac Compact Dry Concrete Vacuum with Dust Shaker System and Teflon coated Filter
Sale Price: $960.00
Our Price:$1,080.00
Retail Price:$1,200.00


Mastercraft 1010DAF-ANTI
Mastercraft Anti Static HEPA Critical Filter Steel Vacuum
Designed for dry pickup.
Equipped with 1.3 HP motor
head w/anti-static ground
connection and 7 gallon
cold rolled steel tank.
Inludes HEPA filter system
and dry tool kit.
Our Price:$896.00
Retail Price: $1,120.00


P307A-HEPA (202304)
Mastercraft Backpack Vacuum HEPA Dry Polyethylene - Probe® Enviromaster® (202304)
HEPA Professional Grade Sealed HEPA Dry Backpack Vacuum
Sale Price: $596.00
Our Price:$670.50
Retail Price:$745.00


Mastercraft P4511HVAF-R
Mastercraft Enviromaster 5 Compact HEPA Critical Filter Dry Vacuum
Easy to carry and transport, this Enviromaster 5 Compact HEPA Dry Vacuum is suited for fine particulate cleanup in small and confined areas.
Our Price:$720.00
Retail Price: $800.00


Enviromaster 9 - P4911HVAF-R (PN 262617)
Mastercraft Enviromaster 9 Professional Grade Critical Filtration HEPA Vacuum (262617)
Enviromaster® 9 Professional Grade Critical Filtration HEPA Vacuum
Sale Price: $785.60
Our Price:$883.80
Retail Price:$982.00


Mastercraft P42010SMP
Mastercraft Flood Restoration Continuous Pump Vacuum(431001)
Sale Price: $1,600.00
Our Price:$1,800.00
Retail Price:$2,000.00

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