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Five Stage Filtration

1 Certified Absolute HEPA filter
2-ply disposable paper filter bag
2-ply intermediary micro filter

Certified Absolute (HEPA) High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

This HEPA filter has a steel outer casing and micro-fibered glass paper filter media which is separated by corrugated aluminum sheeting that is encased in a protective steel screening. This filter is one of the most efficient and long lasting HEPA filters available today.

Each filter is tested according to U.S. Military Standard 282 (MIL-STD-282) and IES (Institute of Environmental Sciences) standard Type A HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is rated with a minimum efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns and tested using the HOT DOP method @ 100 CFM. Each HEPA filter is certified and labeled with specific test results.

Internally Mounted Filtration

Enviromaster™ HEPA filters are mounted prior to the motor, protecting the motor from contaminants and preventing hazardous material from being exhausted into the atmosphere.

Vacuum Tanks

Designed for commercial and industrial application, the vacuum tanks we offer are available in cold rolled steel, stainless steel or polypropylene.

Steel tanks contain, reinforced ribs to strengthen and enable the tank to maintain its form under higher waterlift, and double rolled bottom seal to prevent leakage.

The cold rolled steel tanks are finished with a powder coated exterior and epoxy interior.

Poly tanks are rotationally molded of high impact plastic with ¼ '' wall thickness.

All tanks are equipped with 3 extra-wide, chrome plated, heavy duty spring clamps with "Y" mount positioning to ensure a positive seal between tank and motorhead.

Steel Motorhead with anti-static grounding*

Powerful 1.3 Horsepower by-pass motor is designed for highest efficiency through balanced waterlift and CFM (Airflow) ratings.

The exhaust system keeps the motorhead cool during operation and diffuses air for a minimal velocity blow.

Hose assembly - Conductive anti-static*

10 ft. anti-static wire reinforced hose and swivel connector with grounding wire to motorhead. This feature prevents electric shock and disturbance offering a safer operation of the vacuum.

Proven results

For over 20 years Enviromaster™ vacuums have been usd by cleaning professionals in,

Government Facilities
Medical Research Centers
Atomic Research Centers
Nuclear Power Plants
Pharmaceutical Plants
HAZMAT Removal Contractors/Teams

The Enviromaster™ series has most commonly used for the removal of,

Ceramic dust
All HAZMAT materials from fine micro-particulate dust to heay bulk.

UL Tested and Listed for electrical safety*

* applies to most but not all models offered. Please check specifications or call us for more information

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