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Welcome to, we are an online global supplier of commercial and professional HEPA clean vacuums and indoor environmental clean air quality maintenance equipment, HEPA filtersaccessories and replacement parts for commercial vacuum cleaners. At we carry a wide range of critical filtration and high efficiency micron particulate containment products, systems and solutions.

GOHEPA.COM offers the paint, renovation, repair, remodeling, hvac, concrete, flood water restoration and cleaning contractors who service commercial, industrial, health, science, government markets and facilities, unique application specific solutions. We partner with leaders in the field of HEPA Vacs and critical filtration product development, design, manufacturing and distribution. We are committed to bringing you the best solutions to your hazardous material (hazmat), biological material (biomat) and small particulate removal, cleaning and containment needs.

Shop at GOHEPA.COM when you need in stock, proven and durable commercial, industrial, contractor and special application HEPA vacuums, including EPA RRP approved compliant vacuums, commercial HEPA Filter vacs, HEPA filtered industrial vacuums, lead paint removal HEPA vacuums, Allergy Vacuums, RRP HEPA vacs, High and critical filtration vacuums, contractor HEPA vacs, RRP supplies, replacement parts and HEPA clean air filters.

Thank you for visiting GOHEPA.COM. You may place your orders online through our secure e-commerce interface or call our order center toll free at 1(866) HEPA-VAC or 1(866) 437-2822.

Are you seaching for a proven, efficient fine particulate critical filter filtration containment vacuum system solution?  

Shop at when you need in stock, proven and durable commercial, industrial, contractor and special application HEPA vacuums, including EPA RRP approved lead paint critical filter compliant vacuums, HEPA Filter vacs, HEPA filtered industrial vacuums, lead paint removal HEPA vacs, Allergy Vacs, RRP HEPA vacs, High and Critical Filtration Vacuums, Contractor HEPA vacs, RRP supplies, replacement parts and HEPA filters.

GOHEPA.COM offers the most proven brands, service and solutions for professional, commercial, industrial and premium home HEPA Critical Filtration allergy vacuums and air purifiers, accessories, consumables and supplies.

A Brief History of Mastercraft© HEPA Vacuums - A Preferred Supplier

The Mastercraft© Enviromaster HEPA Critical Filtration Vacuum Line is proven safe and among the most highly efficient fine particulate sealed containment vacuum systems in the world. Since 1946 Mastercraft's vacuum technology has remained a state-of-the-art fixture throughout commercial, industrial and government facilities worldwide. Field tested and proven with more than 20,000 machines active and currently in use for nearly every commercial and industrial cleaning application imaginable, Mastercraft offers the broadest line of commercial hepa vacuums and industrial tank vacuums available in the Unites States today.

The Enviromaster Sealed Critical HEPA Filtration Canister / Tank Vacuum Line -

Mastercraft's Enviromaster line is among the first and finest engineered HEPA filtered industrial vacuums in the United States beginning in the mid 1980's as the danger of asbestos contamination was at epidemic proportions. The technology improved throughout the 1990's with the required tools to address the cleanup of lead contamination. More recently, the Mastercraft Enviromaster HEPA Vacuum Line has been given preferred equipment supplier (USPS) status for keeping the United States Postal Service facilities clean from potential Anthrax or other spore-like hazardous biological elements. Designed From the Inside Out Mastercraft has always engineered its vacuum functionality by designing its equipment from the inside filter system outward. As a result of this method, today the Mastercraft machines have extended their use into other specialty applications such as mold remediation, lead cleanup containment and abatement work, prepared readiness, fire restoration as serviced by; specialty contractors, painting repair and restoration contractors, state and federal government agencies, the aeronautic industry, medical, pharmaceutical and research facilities, auto manufacturing and carpet (mold) restoration professionals.

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